3rd Empirical Implications of Theoretical Models (EITM)

Publicado el 12 de enero de 2011 a las 00h. y 00m. por Charo Llera en General

Europe Summer Institute which will take place at the University of Mannheim from June 26 - July 9, 2011. The objective of EITM is to evaluate the explanatory power of theoretical models and to equip junior researchers with the most sophisticated tools of analysis that enable them to conduct their research at the highest scholarly level. Please help us to distribute this information.

For this purpose, I am delighted that Andrew Martin and Randy Calvert (WashU) will teach the Theoretical and Methodological Foundation classes, followed by Michael Laver (New York University) on Agent Based Modeling. Will Lowe and Sven-Oliver Proksch (University of Mannheim) will teach the final class on Quantitative Analysis of Political Texts. Additionally, we offer a refresher course in Mathematics and R taught by Martin Elff (Essex).

Tuition fees will be 1.000 Euros plus 500 Euros for accommodation (if needed). The previous EITM Europe Summer schools have attracted ambitious junior researchers who have received an excellent training and new insights into formal models and their empirical evidence in Political Science and Political Economy. You will find further information on the website http://eitm.sowi.uni-mannheim.de/english/startpage/index.html

Please contact us with any further questions.

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