15M SOCIAL MOVEMENT IN SPAIN: The role of Twitter in setting new policy images

GT 4.6 La política contenciosa más allá de la plaza / Contentious politics beyond the square. To what extent new? To what extent disrupting? To what extent influential?

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Día: miércoles,18 de septiembre de 2013
Hora: 15:00 a 17:30
Lugar: E11SEM04

In the last two decades, scholars from different fields have been working on the effects of Information and Communication Technology (ICTs) on the development of new communication networks and its impact over mainstream news media. Although there is extensive research on mass-media agenda-setting and the role they play in the elaboration of new policy images, there is still small research on how new social media affect this political processes and the way they interact with mainstream media. In this paper, we analyze the media coverage of the 15M social movement in Spain by both traditional media and social media. Our main goal is to determine whether or not the two most read newspapers in Spain -El País and El Mundo- linked the 15M movement to the same attributes than the Spanish users of the online social network Twitter. To do that, we have collected all related stories of press front pages and all tweets mentioning “15M” or “indignados” (from May 2011 to November 2011) and we will investigate the differences and similarities on issue attention and frame-setting among both types of media assets. We expect the framing of issue-attributes to be more fragmented and diverse in twitter than in traditional media; traditional media to monopolize the coverage of the events, even by using social media; and new political entrepreneurs to use twitter in order to achieve appearance in traditional media.

Palabras clave: new media, mass-media, twitter, 15M, agenda-setting, policy image, framing