Media coverage of non-state actors during Transparency Policy in Spain (1996-2016)

GT 2.4 Transparencia, derecho a la información y grupos de interés

Leire Rincón García (Universitat de Barcelona)
Sesión 1
Día: jueves,21 de septiembre de 2017
Hora: 16:30 a 18:30
Lugar: Seminario Relaciones Laborales

The aim of this study is to explain how the media has covered non-state actors regarding transparency policy in Spain. Previous studies show that the coverage of non-state actors is biased, however they reflect important differences about the factors driving this bias, ranging from group types to policy positions of interest groups. The objective of this study is to test the findings in previous work and to move forward the literature in suggesting that bias across groups may be conditional on various factors including group characteristics as well as context, understood  as time, media system and policy area. To do so, we have created a comprehensive database with all the stories on transparency legislation in Spain and coded all interest group appearances alongside their characteristics. A conditional regression is used to test how different factors interact to influence non-state actor coverage. Results suggest that while there is a clear bias in favor of insiders, this bias is stronger in the legislation approval context, yet findings show that this is not enough to explain group media coverage. Bias across group types also occurs but results hint that this is dependent on source. All in all, our results convey that interest group appearances in the media are rarely dependent upon one factor, but group bias is conditional to a series of characteristics and circumstances that interact with each other.

Palabras clave: transparency policy, media, non-state actors