Patterns of Political Transnationalism in a non-traditional Diaspora. The Case of the Swiss Citizens in Latin America

GT 3.16 "El impacto político y cultural de las migraciones: dinámicas transnacionales, procesos de integración/exclusión e identidad en el mundo actual"

Pablo Biderbost Moyano (Universidad Pontificia de Comillas)
Sesión 2
Día: viernes,22 de septiembre de 2017
Hora: 11:00 a 13:00
Lugar: Aula 0.1.

Research about patterns of political transnationalism has predominantly had a focus on diasporic population from developing countries settled in developed societies. This article is part of a major study aiming to generate empirical evidence in a non-traditional migrant flow. Using on line data collection tools, Swiss population living in Latin America was surveyed in order to detect how its relationship to the Swiss political system is. Specifically, information about their civic competencies (political knowledge, political efficacy, political attention and political participation) and their levels of ideological continuity/discontinuity was collected. Canonical correlation analysis and logistic regressions were applied to detect the level of influence of different independent variables (demographic profile and migration background). Results are displayed with innovative data visualization techniques: heliographs and infographics.

Palabras clave: Swiss Latin Americans, political transnationalism, civic competencies, political culture