GRANTS AVAILABLE – Global Cultures (GLOC) at University of Bologna

Publicado el 16 de enero de 2017 a las 08h. y 18m. por Charo Llera en General

who wish to enrol in the course curriculum in Global Cultures (GLOC) at University of Bologna.

University of Bologna offers study grants of 11.000 € (gross) to international students who wish to register to Degree Programs at the University of Bologna for A.Y. 2017/18.

Students can apply for UNIBO ACTION 2 STUDY GRANT if they:

  • have (or are about to have) a degree issued by an Institution outside of the Italian educational system, eligible for their chosen Degree Program;
  • are younger than 30 years.
  • take one of the following tests by the application deadline (March 31, 2017):

SAT (if interested in registering in a First or Single Cycle Degree Program

GRE (if interested in registering in a Second Cycle Degree Program, such as GLOBAL CULTURES – GLOC)

STUENT MUST ENROL FOR THE TEST ON THE ORGANIZATION WEBSITE ( Codes needed to send test scores to the University of Bologna are: for SAT 6993; for GRE 7850.

More information on application requirements are coming soon in the call for applications: STAY TUNED:

  • Call opens on JANUARY 24, 2017
  • Applications deadline on MARCH, 31, 2017
  • Publication of results: APRIL 2017