IPSAMOOC: A New Frontier for Online Education

Publicado el 29 de septiembre de 2016 a las 08h. y 54m. por Charo Llera en General

An extraordinary new teaching opportunity!

IPSAMOOCs are available at no charge for all teachers intent on bringing innovation to the classroom experience.

“Adopting” a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) enables teachers to transform their “on-campus” course through a new integrated approach. According to the so-called “flipped classroom” model, teachers can use all or part of a MOOC content as a Web companion to their lectures. This allows teachers to devote class time to discussions on topics that students have studied online in greater depth.

Every class can become a seminar rather than a lecture. Moreover, if teachers who choose to use an IPSAMOOC are IPSA members, they can request a special access code for students that allows for closer monitoring of and interaction with students involved in online activities.

IPSAMOOCs are also available for direct student access.

Political science students worldwide have a unique opportunity to enrol in a pilot set of political science courses given by outstanding IPSA academics.