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  • The IPSA-ECPR Joint Conference titled “Whatever Happened to North-South?” takes place in Sao Paulo, Brazil in less than 3 weeks!

Final preparations are underway for the first ever joint conference staged by IPSA and the European Consortium of Political Research (ECPR). Close to 1,000 participants are expected to attend the event, which will explore the continued relevance of the international North-South divide. Hosted by the Brazilian Political Science Association, the event will be held at the University of Sao Paulo from February 16 to 19, 2011. We look forward to you in a few weeks!

IPSA 2011 Membership Campaign

With a new website and more services to members than ever, IPSA has proudly launched its 2011 membership renewal campaign. We invite you to renew your membership or join our great organization.

IPSA members enjoy numerous benefits:


* Subscription to the electronic version (archives included) of the International Political Science Review (IPSR) (five per year) via the Sage Publications’ website, plus an optional print version.

* Subscription to Participation, the IPSA bulletin.

* Free monthly e-newsletter.

* Access to the IPSA Portal of Political Science (search engine with website reviews).

* Optional subscription to International Political Science Abstracts at a reduced price. Subscriptions include all six issues published during the calendar year.

Research services

* Join a community numbering thousands of political scientists worldwide by collaborating and/or working with one of 50 IPSA research committees.


* Participate in exclusive IPSA events around the world.

* Reduced fee at joint events.

* Opportunities to compete for IPSA awards and travel grants for the World Congress of Political Science.

Web services

* Post your CV or resumé on a personalized profile page available to members in the Members Directory and to media in the Specialist Registry.

* Access the online Members Directory, ideal for contacting colleagues around the world and a major source of invitations to professional opportunities.

* Promote your books and events, and post a call for papers, job openings, awards and much more on the IPSA website and in its e-newsletter.

* Online resources offered exclusively to members.

Discount on publications

* Discount to IPSA members on subscriptions to Journal of Power.

* 25% discount on all SAGE Publications titles.

* 20% discount on all Oxford University Press titles in the area of politics and international relations.

The International Political Science Association is pleased to announce that Yee Fun Wong has been appointed to the position of World Congress and Events Manager.

Yee Fun has worked for a number of companies, honing her skills as an organizer in a variety of areas from extreme sports to conference planning. As an events manager, she has travelled the world, staging events for small groups of fewer than 100 participants as well as international conferences for over 1,000 participants.

Yee Fun joined IPSA in the late fall of 2010 as the World Congress and Event Manager responsible for all IPSA conferences and meetings. Her language skills have proved to be an invaluable asset in her work, as she is able to communicate in English, French, Hakka, Cantonese and Mandarin, and if that wasn’t enough, Yee Fun is currently studying Spanish.
Yee Fun may be contacted at yee.fun.wong@ipsa.org

Last Month's Contest Winners

Last month, we launched a contest titled Discover the IPSA Online Profile. The results were very impressive, as hundreds of members went to their online profile to enter their coordinates. As promised, two names were drawn from the duly-completed online profiles. Without further ado, we’re proud to announce that the following two people have been awarded a free IPSA membership:

Daniel Salée, Canada

Carlos Vedovatti, New Zealand

Congratulations to Daniel and Carlos!

New Contest: Post News on the Website

Given the success of last month’s contest, IPSA is happy to announce that we’re throwing another.

Among the new features of the revamped IPSA website, the best is probably the one that allows that members to post news items directly on the website from their “My IPSA” profile. As well as post news, this new wrinkle lets you post event announcements, calls for papers, books, job postings, calls for awards, and much more. We hope this function will become an important interactive feature for members as well as the go-to option for those intent on publicizing matters of importance in the political science community.

For the next month, members who post news items* will have a chance to win a free membership, with the draw held on March 1.

How to participate

To enter the contest, simply login to your member account at www.ipsa.org and post a news item from the “Submit News” section.

*News items must be approved by the IPSA moderator before they are posted. Members who win a free membership will see their membership carried forward to the year following their current membership. Now’s the time, therefore, to renew your membership.

PSA UK Awards 2010: Professor Wyn Grant Awarded the Lifetime Achievement in Political Science

The International Political Science Association congratulates Wyn Grant, the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement in Political Science awarded by the Political Studies Association of the United Kingdom. The award was presented to Mr. Grant at a ceremony held on November 30.

Prof. Grant is a member of the IPSA Executive Committee, and he is also IPSA Vice-President for Africa-Europe and Program Chair for the upcoming 2012 World Congress in Madrid.

This award recognizes Prof. Grant’s excellence and continued involvement in the political science community during a superb career – one that’s far from over!


Report on the Russian Political Science Association’s Annual Conference & General Meeting

RPSA Annual Conference, “Changing Russia: Political Agendas and Strategies,” Moscow, November 25 and 26, 2010.

On November 25 and 26, 2010, the Russian Political Science Association presented its annual conference, titled “Changing Russia: Political Agendas and Strategies.” The conference focused on political developments in Russia during the 21st century and on the country’s modernization prospects. Also analyzed were some 200 papers on a broad spectrum of issues, including political developments in Russia and the world, political processes, institutional changes, and relations between citizens and political powers in Russia and beyond.

RPSA General Meeting: New Charter and Leadership

On November 25, 2010, the Russian Political Science Association held its general meeting in Moscow. On the agenda were reports on RPSA activities in the last three years, the adoption of the new Charter, and the election of the new President and Executive Board. Some 77 delegates attended the conference, including representatives of 31 regional chapters.

Participants approved the report on RPSA activities presented by President Olga Malinova. RPSA membership currently includes 54 regional chapters, 852 individual members and 21 research committees.

The conference also resulted in the adoption of a new version of the RPSA Charter. As well, in an effort to synchronize the election of the President and Executive Board, Olga Malinova graciously tendered her pre-term resignation, and a new RPSA President and Vice-President were elected. They are, respectively, Oxana Gaman-Golutvina, Department Head of Comparative Politics at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO University), and Prof. Rostislav Turovsky of the Political Science Faculty at Moscow State University. Members of the Executive Board and Scientific Council were also elected. Olga Malinova, for her part, was elected Honorary RPSA President.

Honorary RPSA President and IPSA Executive Committee member, Prof. Mikhail Ilyin, presented a report on recent IPSA activities.

In Memoriam: Jean Meyriat, 1921-2010

En ce début d’année 2011, l’Association internationale de science politique (AISP) a le regret d’annoncer le décès de Jean Meyriat le 26 décembre dernier à l’âge de 89 ans.

Jean Meyriat a eu une carrière prolifique. Ancien élève de l’École normale supérieure de la rue d’Ulm, agrégé de lettres, il a co-fondé le CERI (Centre de recherches internationales de Sciences-Po) avec Jean-Baptiste Duroselle en 1952, centre qu’il a dirigé jusqu’en 1976. Il y est également professeur. Puis, en 1962, il est élu directeur d'études à l’ÉHÉSS sur la chaire "méthodologie de l'information scientifique". Il a aussi fondé et dirigé le service de documentation de la Fondation nationale des sciences politiques (FNSP) jusqu’en 1990, année de sa retraite.

En 1969, il crée un Cycle supérieur de spécialisation en information et documentation à Sciences-Po, qui devient le premier DÉSS de la spécialité en 1974. En 1972, il participe à la création du Comité des sciences de l'information et de la communication, dont il prend la présidence (treize membres, parmi lesquels Roland Barthes, Robert Escarpit, Abraham Moles…). Ce comité préfigure la future Société française des Sciences de l'information et de la communication (SFSIC). En attendant, le Comité travaille à la création d'une section au sein du Comité Consultatif des Universités (futur Conseil national des universités). C'est chose faite en 1975: la 52e section est intitulée "Sciences de l'information et de la communication" (elle devient la 71e section en 1981). Il a également présidé l’European Council of Information Associations (ECIA). Il a été membre de la Commission pédagogique nationale sur les Carrières de l'information.

Membre de l’Association française de science politique (AFSP), il a joué un rôle important dans les premières décennies de l’histoire de l'association. Il est notamment intervenu lors de différentes journées consacrées aux premiers bilans de la science politique française où il défendra le développement des études internationales et la professionnalisation de l’expertise dans ce domaine. Il fut également à l’origine avec Jean Touchard, en 1966, de la rubrique bibliographique de la Revue française de science politique. C’est à lui que l’on doit, en lien avec ses activités documentaires au sein de la FNSP, le lancement de cette politique de recension bibliographique qui fera de la Revue française de science politique (RFSP) un outil majeur de socialisation disciplinaire et de promotion de la science politique française.

Jean Meyriat a aussi eu une influence déterminante sur le développement de la science politique au niveau international. Avec Jean Meynaud, alors Secrétaire général de l'Association internationale de science politique (AISP), il a créé en 1951 la première revue de l'AISP, International Political Science Abstracts/Documentation Politique Internationale, qu'il a dirigée jusqu'en 1963, avec le soutien de l'Unesco. La revue vient d'achever sa soixantième année de publication. Pendant de longues années, il a été secrétaire général du Comité international pour l'Information et la Documentation des Sciences sociales, familièrement appelé "Comité Meyriat". A l'IEP de Paris, il a longtemps professé un cours sur l'Espagne contemporaine, et favorisé les recherches sur ce pays. Comme directeur co-fondateur du CERI, il a donné une impulsion décisive aux recherches sur les pays étrangers et les relations internationales.

L’AISP transmet ses plus sincères sympathies à la famille, aux amis et aux collègues de Jean Meyriat.

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