Novedad Editorial "Politics and Emotions: The Obama Phenomenon"

Publicado el 18 de abril de 2011 a las 13h. y 58m. por Charo Llera en General

VS-Verlag, Wiesbaden;

Eds. Marcos Engelken-Jorge, Pedro Ibarra Güell y Carmelo Moreno del Río

ISBN 978-3-531-18120-2


Mainstream liberal narratives have often depicted politics as a matter of power and competing interests, disregarding emotions or conceiving them as threats to a rational and well-ordered society. In the last decades, however, this viewpoint has been increasingly challenged by a number of scholars researching on the complex and multidimensional role of emotions in politics. This edited collection aims at providing a concise but comprehensive introduction to this area of research. The essays contained in this volume focus on a single case, the Obama phenomenon, illustrating empirically how the variable ?emotions? can enrich political analysis. Taken together, the essays reflect the plurality of approaches available to the study of politics and emotions and thus contribute to the cutting-edge debates on this fascinating topic.
With contributions by Marcos Engelken-Jorge, Ramón Maiz, Brad Verhulst, Mary-Kate Lizotte, Andrew J.W. Civettini, Oliver Escobar, Alan Sandry, Åsa Wettergren and Deborah Gould.
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