ECPR Capital Lecture at Madrid

Se informa de la celebración de la 1st ECPR Capital Lectura, que se celebrará en Madrid, el 24 de septiembre de 2008, con el siguiente programa y objetivos:


The ECPR Capital Lecture will focus on the processes of metropolitanization and its consequences for citizens as political actors and for governance challenges, through three keynote lectures:


* Governing the Metropolis: Metropolitanization and Political Change


- Professor Ken Newton, University of Southampton (UK)


* New Challenges of Metropolitan Governance: A Comparative Analysis


- Professor Daniel Kübler, Universität Zürich (Switzerland)


* Madrid Metrolpolitan Area: New Developments and New Policies


- Professor Carmen Navarro, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain)


After the lectures have been delivered there will be an open floor discussion. This will be followed by a lunch offered to all participants, with the opportunity to network and meet the guest speakers.


The ECPR Capital Lecture will take place at Salón de Actos, Area de Economía y Empleo, C/ Gran Vía, 24.


Attendance at this event is free. For further information about how to register please see  and select the link entitled 'Gobernando la metrópolis: eficiencia y democracia' which is located centrally on the page.