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Registration for Whatever Happened to North-South Begins on September 22

Online registration for the first joint conference organized by IPSA and the European Consortium of Political Research (ECPR) gets underway on September 22, 2010. All participants must register on the conference website at http://saopaulo2011.ipsa.org, including section chairs, panel chairs, paper presenters and discussants. Participants who wish to be included in the printed program must register by no later than November 12, 2010. Co-authors not attending the conference must notify the Secretariat by this date to be included in the program. The registration fee will increase as of Monday,  November 15, 2010.

Fees from September 22 to November 14



Member of IPSA, ECPR and-or BPSA/US$160

Student non-member*/US$130

Student member of IPSA, ECPR and-or BPSA/US$80

* Proof of student status required at the time of registration.

The deadline for online registration is February 10, 2011.

Hosted by the Brazilian Political Science Association, this event will be held at the University of Sao Paulo from February 16 to 19, 2011. Everyone is welcome – so please join us!

Conference details are available at http://saopaulo2011.ipsa.org.

2nd Annual IPSA Summer School

IPSA will hold its 2nd Annual IPSA Summer School, titled Concepts, Methods, and Techniques in Political Science, from January 31 to February 11, 2011 at the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The application deadline is September 24, 2010. Details are available at http://summerschool.ipsa.org/.

The First IPSR Online First Articles are Now Live


  1. What is OnlineFirst?

OnlineFirst is a feature offered through SAGE's electronic journal platform, SAGE Journals Online. It allows final revision articles (completed articles in queue for assignment to an upcoming issue) to be hosted online prior to their inclusion in a final print and online journal issue. This feature is commonly referred to as publish ahead of print, publish before print, continuous publishing, and P>P.

  1. Benefits of OnlineFirst

OnlineFirst provides clear benefits to all researchers and users of the journal's online content. The feature allows subscribers and members the ability to access the very latest papers in the field. Authors also benefit from greatly reduced lead times between submission and publication of articles. Without OnlineFirst, an author's work would only appear online once a finalized issue was sent to print. However, with OnlineFirst, manuscripts can appear online while other articles are being completed for an upcoming issue. An author's research will therefore reach its audience more quickly, enabling an article to receive greater usage and exposure, including earlier citation opportunities by related work.

Access to full-text OnlineFirst articles is available to IPSA members through the IPSR online connection.

We invite you to use it. http://ips.sagepub.com/content/early/recent

Hyperpolitics - An interactive Dictionary of Political Science

Hyperpolitics, the dictionary of political science by Mauro Calise and Theodore Lowi, is published by the University of Chicago Press. Its many innovative features mark a radical departure from conventional reference tools in social science. Hyperpolitics develops a new type of dictionary lexicography that better reflects the growing complexity of various disciplines in political science.

Also an innovative teaching aid, Hyperpolitics fosters analytical skills and promotes interactive discourse among students.

Hyperpolitics offers various levels of complexity: as well as read one definition at a time, the user can take full advantage of the dictionary's hyperstructure by browsing through all related matrices and even altering or replacing a matrix.

With free online access, Hyperpolitics adheres to an open-book concept by welcoming controversy and encouraging users to change and improve its content.

Its interactive features are enhanced by an open-access Web Companion.  Visit the Web Companion at http://www.hyperpolitics.net/

"All of this is wonderful, exciting, imaginative, and generous. (…) This is a pioneering reinvention of the dictionary."

- Richard M. Valelly, Swarthmore College

“When it takes two first-class authors fifteen years to produce a book, the book must be taken seriously. Hyperpolitics is a highly innovative and formidable instrument for handling and understanding concepts. I only wish I had access to it in my time!”

- Giovanni Sartori, Albert Schweitzer Professor Emeritus, Columbia University

“Calise and Lowi make a stunning contribution by addressing the pervasive failure to teach innovative work with concepts. They broaden our horizon by creating a new map of conceptual structure that will enlighten scholars and students, challenging them to extend it.”

- David Collier, University of California, Berkeley

In Memory of Professor Asher Arian (1938-2010)

IPSA is saddened by the recent passing of long-time member and friend, Professor Asher Arian. One of the most prominent political scientists in Israel, Prof. Arian died on July 6 after a long illness. He was 72. Our deepest sympathies go out to the family, friends and colleagues of Professor Arian.


Prof. Asher Arian was born in Cleveland, Ohio (U.S.) in 1938. He received his B.A. (cum laude) from Western Reserve University, and his M.A. and Ph.D. in political science from Michigan State University. He then moved to Israel, where he founded the political science department at Tel Aviv University and was appointed its first head. He also wrote the founding charter of the Israel Association of Political Science, which joined IPSA in 1964.

Prof. Arian played an important role in the development of the International Political Science Association. He represented the Israeli Political Science Association on the IPSA Executive Committee from 1979 to 1982 and from 1982 to 1985. He was elected vice-chair of the IPSA annual conferences from 1985 to 1988. In 1994, Prof. Arian became the editor of IPSA’s ongoing book series, titled Advances in Political Science: an International Series. In 1995, he negotiated a new contract for the series with Macmillan of London. By the end of 2002, at least 12 volumes were published under his leadership. The IPSA book series is well recognized for its contribution to the advancement of research in political science.

Arian stayed on as head of the political science department at Tel Aviv University until 1973, and after a ten-year hiatus he returned to serve as head of the department for another two years (1983-1984). Upon his departure, he was appointed head of the Golda Meir Institute of Labor and Social Research at Tel Aviv University. In 1977, he was appointed Dean of Tel Aviv University's faculty of social sciences, after which he held the Romulo Betancourt Chair in Political Science at Tel Aviv University.

In 1986, Arian was appointed distinguished professor of political science at City University of New York’s Graduate Center, where he also served as head of the doctoral studies program and the Robert F. Wagner Sr. Center for Urban Public Policy. In the early 1990s, Arian moved on to the University of Haifa, where he worked as full professor until his retirement in 2006. He continued his affiliation with the City University of New York throughout his life.

During the course of his research in political science, Arian published dozens of books and articles on governance, elections as well as public opinion and political behaviour in Israel from a comparative global perspective. Major projects under his leadership included a series of surveys and books on Israeli elections (including the most ambitious multi-year research project in political science in Israel, initiated by Arian in 1969), the national defence policy and public opinion project undertaken by Tel Aviv University's Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies, and the Democracy Index created by the Guttman Center, which is part of the Israel Democracy Institute.

In the mid-1990s, Arian was appointed Senior Fellow of the Israel Democracy Institute, where he worked until his death in July 2010. In this position, he stood at the helm of the Institute's flagship political reform program and was instrumental in having the Guttman Institute for Applied Social Research included in IDI activities. In 2005, The Israel Political Science Association presented him with its Distinguished Lifetime Achievement Award. A year later, the (renamed) Guttman Center received the Tolerance Prize awarded by the Public Committee of Tolerance, a nonpartisan organization committed to stemming violence.

Married to Dr. Carol Gordon, Asher Arian was the father of three children and grandfather of seven. His oldest son, Lior, is a criminologist with the Israel Prison Service. His son Aviv and daughter Shelly are clinical psychologists.

ISSC World Social Science Report 2010 Now Available

The International Social Science Council’s World Social Science Report 2010 is now available  online.

While social science from Western countries continues to exert the greatest global influence, the field is expanding rapidly in Asia and Latin America, particularly in China and Brazil. In sub-Saharan Africa, social scientists from South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya produce 75% of academic publications. In South Asia, barring some centres of excellence in India, social sciences on the whole have low priority. These are just a few of the findings from World Social Science Report, 2010: “Knowledge divides.”

Produced by the International Social Science Council (ISSC) and co-published with UNESCO, the Report is the first comprehensive overview of the field in over a decade. Hundreds of social scientists from around the world contributed their expertise to the publication. Among the experts presenting the Report during its official launch at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris on 25 June 2010 were Gudmund Hernes, President of the ISSC, Adebayo Olukoshi, Director of the United Nations African Institute for Economic Development and Planning (IDEP), Hebe Vessuri, Director of the Venezuelan Institute for Scientific Research (IVIC), and François Héran, Director of Research at the National Institute for Demographic Studies (INED) in France.

THE Portal of Political Science!

Use IPSAPORTAL to navigate the top online political science resources. More than 300 outstanding websites are selected, reviewed and evaluated to provide scholars and students worldwide with an extraordinary research tool. IPSA Portal was recently enhanced with a Feeds section making it possible to receive the latest content from selected websites. IPSAPORTAL is available at http://ipsaportal.net/.

Books by Members

  1. Federalism, Feminism and Multilevel Governance. Edited by Melissa Haussman, Marian Sawer and Jill Vickers
  2. Political Sociology - The State of the Art. Edited by by Subrata Mitra and Malte Pehl

Upcoming Events (September & October):

2010.09.15-17 | RC 21/29 Citizenship Education, Democracy, Culture Socialization & Media (Aalborg, Danemark)

2010.09.15-18 | 2nd International Conference on Auditing and Accounting History (Istanbul, Turkey)

2010.09.16-18 | SISP Annual Conference (Venice, Italy)

2010.09.20-21 | Interpreting Authoritarianism: Politics, Practices, Meanings (Exeter, UK)

2010.09.22 | Post-Globalisation: Ireland & United States (Dublin, Ireland)

2010.09.23-24 | Symposium on Crime and Justice (Albany, USA)

2010.09.25 | Africa Leadership Forum (New York, USA)

2010.09.27-29 | Australian PSA (APSA) Conference 2010 (Melbourne, Australia)

2010.09.30-10.03 | Cold War Cultures (Austin, USA)

2010.10.07-09 | Global Conference on Human Rights and Diverse Societies (Montreal, Canada)

2010.10.08-10 | Political Studies Association of Ireland Annual Conference (Dublin, Ireland)

2010.10.14-16 | ISAC/ISSS Annual Meeting (Providence, RI, USA)

2010.10.21-22 | RC 25 Comparative Health Policy Meeting (Baltimore, USA)

2010.10.29-31 | RC41 Connecting Geography to Politics:21st Century Issues & Agendas (Moscow, Russia)

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Additional references:IPSA Website

International Political Science Review International Political Science Abstracts

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Call for Papers

2nd Congress on Research in Vocational Education and Training Location: Bern, Switzerland

Date: March 23-25, 2011

Application deadline: September 15, 2010


Congrès des trois pays de l’ASSP, DVPW et ÖGPW

Lieu: Bâle, Suisse

Date: 13-14 janvier, 2011

Date limite: 15 septembre, 2010


61st Annual Conference of the UK Political Studies Association: New Local Politics: Parties, Mayors and Councillors in Western Europe panel

Location: London, UK

Date: April 19-21, 2010

Application deadline: September 17, 2010


Conference on Turkish and Eurasian Affairs

Location: Maryland, USA

Date: November 23, 2010

Application deadline: September 20, 2010


Political Studies Association - 61st Annual Conference

Location: London, UK

Date: April 19-21, 2011

Application deadline: September 24, 2010


3rd Annual International Business Conference

Location: Dearborn, Detroit, USA

Date: December 2-4, 2010

Application deadline: September 30, 2010


4th Annual Conference on the Political Economy of International Organizations

Location: Zurich, Switzerland

Date: January 27-29, 2011

Application deadline: September 30, 2010


International colloquium for PhD and MA students

Location: Brno, Czech Republic

Date: November 23, 2010

Application deadline: September 30, 2010


Terrorism and Global Security 2010

Location: Washington, DC, USA

Date: November 30-December 1, 2010

Application deadline: September 30, 2010


Colloque du réseau des chercheur(e)s francophones en politiques publiques

Lieu: Montréal, Canada

Date: 3-4 décembre, 2010

Date limite: 1er octobre, 2010


41st Annual Urban Affairs Association Conference

Location: New Orleans, USA

Date: March 16-19, 2011

Application deadline: October 1, 2010


11e Congrès AFSP. Appels à communications 53 Sections Thématiques

Lieu: Strasbourg, France

Date: 31 août-2 septembre 2011

Date limite: 15 octobre, 2010


6th annual Graduate Conference

Location: Jerusalem, Israel

Date: December 15-17, 2010

Application deadline: October 15, 2010


IPSA RC 26 Human Rights, War, and Peace after the Cold War

Location: Seoul, Korea

Date: June 16-18, 2011

Application deadline: October 15, 2010


IPSA RC31 Articulations of Justice, Part. 2: Justice and Equality

Location: Sydney, Australia

Date: July 13-17, 2011

Application deadline: November 1, 2010


CPSA 83rd Annual Conference 2011Location: Ottawa, Canada

Date: May 16-18, 2011

Application deadline: November 3, 2010


4th Annual NYU-CESS Experimental Political Science Conference

Location: New York City, USA

Date: March 4-5, 2011

Application deadline: November 15, 2010


RC 09 Comparative Judicial Studies - 2011 Interim Meeting

Location: Irvine, USA

Date: July 21-23, 2011

Application deadline: November 15, 2010


2011 Third Global International Studies Conference

Location: Porto, Portugal

Date: NA

Application deadline: November 30, 2010


Institutional Dynamics in World Politics

Location: Berlin, Germany

Date: April 7-8, 2011

Application deadline: November 30, 2010


IPSA RC 10 Electronic Democracy workshop

Location: Portoroz, Slovenia

Date: June 2-4, 2011

Application deadline: December 31, 2010


IPSA RC50 State Traditions and Linguistic Regimes: State of the Art

Location: Ottawa, Canada

Date: September 9-10, 2011

Application deadline: February 1, 2011

Job Postings

Hertie School of Governance Postdoctoral Fellowships (Berlin, Germany)

Ph.D. position in Political Economy, University of Zurich (Switzerland)

James M. Stanford Professorship in Genocide and Human Rights Studies (Montreal, Canada)

IBEI Junior (Assistant) Professor 2011, Barcelona (Spain)

Irish Political Studies seeks a reviews editor

2010 Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships Program (Canada)

Associate Professor in Public Policy and Administration, Oslo (Norway)

Associate Professor in Political Science, Oslo (Norway)

Frankel Institute for Advanced Judaic Studies Fellowship (Ann Arbor, MI USA)

Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellowships (Washington, DC, USA)

Tenure-Track Assistant Professor or Tenured Associate Professor (Texas, USA)

Call for Awards

Nomination for the Holberg Prize 2011

Global Development Network (GDN): Development Finance

2010 Global Development Awards and Medals Competition


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