RECSM Webinar/Presentation, December 15

Linguistic complexity of survey questions

Presenter: Diana Zavala-Rojas (RECSM - UPF) 

Article co-authored with Toni Badia and Carme Colominas (GliCom - UPF) 

A common issue when drafting a survey questionnaire is: how to assess whether a survey question is linguistically complex? Almost every manual in questionnaire design emphasizes the need to avoid complex wording. Despite recommending different methodologies to validate the design of survey questionnaires, academic literature provides little practical information on how to decide whether a survey item is complex or not. In this research, we use the frameworks that model readability in linguistics and the response process to surveys to select indicators calculated directly on the survey texts. We use those indicators to estimate how complex a question is and provide a score on the range of [-1,1], where higher values indicate larger complexity, to a corpus of questions in English from the European Social Survey.

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