Title II.- On the activities of the association

Article 4.

In order to fulfil the purposes referred to in article one, the Association will carry out the following activities:

1.- Promote the conditions that allow for the establishment of a permanent scientific and professional relation among its members.

2.- Organise and cooperate in the holding of meetings, seminars, studies and research on Political Science and Public Administration in Spain and abroad.

3.- Attend, through the corresponding representation, international Congresses and scientific sessions on Political Science and Public Administration, encouraging the attendance of its members and Spanish scientific contributions.

4.- Promote all types of exchanges with Universities, Research Centres and foreign Associations that have similar purposes.

5.- Take interest in the problems in the teaching and research of Political Science and Public Administration in Spain.

6.- Regularly hold a scientific session to study and analyse matters pertaining to its purposes.

7.- Produce and publish the Revista Española de Ciencia Política (Spanish Journal of Political Science), the lectures and communications presented at its scientific meetings and any other works related to the profession or the Area of knowledge proper of its members.

8.- Carry out any other activities that will benefit the development of Political Science and Public Administration in Spain.

9.- Carry out all of these activities with special focus on the promotion and visibility of the gender perspective in teaching and in research.