Title III.- On the members of the association

Article 5.

The following are member categories of the AECPA:

a) Individual Members.

b) Collective or Institutional Members.

c) Members of Honour.

Article 6.

Individual Members of the Association are higher education teachers, researchers who carry out their professional or publishing activity within the scope of the subjects proper to the academic area of knowledge of Political Science and Public Administration. As well as those individuals who hold degrees related to any of its fields.

Article 7.

There may be emeritus members among the individual members, and they will be exempt from paying the Association fees (and its Congress fees) and they will be appointed by the Governing Board among the members who retire.

Article 8.

The nature of Collective or Institutional Member may be granted to legal entities or centres of any kind who expressly request it, by agreement of the Governing Board, which must be ratified in the next General Meeting that is held after the request.

Article 9.

Individual Members will have the following rights:

1.- Attend the General Assembly sessions, participate in the deliberations and exercise their right to vote.

2.- Elect and be eligible to the positions of the Governing Board.

3.- Participate in the activities of the Association.

4.- Send to the Governing Board, directly or through the General Assembly, any suggestions that may contribute to the better fulfilment of the association’s purposes.

Article 10.

Collective or Institutional Members of the Association are entitled to:

1.- Join the General Assembly by appointing an individual to represent it.

2.- Participate in all of the activities of the Association.

3.- Communicate to the Governing Board any initiatives or suggestions that may contribute to the better fulfilment of the association’s purposes.

4.- Be part of the Association’s Academic Council.

Article 11.

The members of the Association mentioned in the above articles have the obligation to:

1.- Pay the annual fees established by the Governing Board.

2.- Comply with the decisions of the Association’s governing bodies.

Article 12.

Membership with the Association is lost in the following cases:

1.- By request.

2.- By not meeting the obligations set forth in Article 11 of the bylaws.

3.- By agreement of the General Assembly at the proposal of the Governing Board, if any member no longer meets the requirements needed to remain as member.

Article 13.

The status of Member of Honour of the Association may be acquired by agreement of the Governing Board, who will inform the General Assembly of the decision in the first meeting that is held.